Building a Bridge to
Chinese Language and Culture


Our Mission

Texas Phoenix International School’s mission is to build a cultural bridge between China and America here in the diverse and vibrant community of Greater Houston.  We aim to help local youth and adults alike become citizens of the world through language and cultural programs that open the door to China and create opportunities for business, education, and cultural exchange.
Our language programs include classes on using Mandarin Chinese for travel or business for adults, as well as after-school lessons in Mandarin or summer language camps that allow children to think in a new language as they explore Chinese culture.
We are also committed to developing international exchanges, including organizing exchanges between Chinese and American students, organizing group tours of China, and sponsoring speeches and conferences for international business exchanges. Through meaningful trips across China and in-depth Chinese-American business activities, these international exchanges will help children and adults experience and understand the essence of ancient Chinese civilization as well as contemporary business opportunities.

China is a rapidly developing country with over a billion people, a fascinating ancient culture, and the world’s most widely spoken language and the world’s largest commercial market. Learning Chinese language and culture truly opens up a new world, a new opportunity. We welcome you and your children to join us in building a bridge that deepens your understanding of China and gives you practical and impactful tools to become citizens of the world and globally minded leaders.”


Our Philosophy

Rising with integrity (like the Chinese phoenix)


The Phoenix is a legendary bird in ancient Chinese mythology.  It symbolizes the ultimate spirit of truthfulness, goodness and beauty.  The oldest Chinese dictionary <说文解字> says, “the legendary Phoenix resides in the East country, soars to the outside world, and seeks world peace. The Phoenix Nirvana legend has it that the Phoenix will sacrifice its own life every 500 years by flying into flames for harmony and happiness in the human world.  In the process, the Phoenix will be reborn and turn into a Fire Phoenix that will never perish.  In Chinese culture, therefore, the Phoenix also embodies such virtues. Following the spirit of virtue and commitment of the Phoenix, our school aims to promote deep learning, self-improvement, mutual respect and friendship among Eastern and Western cultures, commitment, aspiration and perfection.

我们的教育理念: 厚德载物,凤凰涅槃,大翼腾飞
凤凰是中国古老传说中的的神鸟,是至真、至善、至美的神灵。《说文解字》说:“凤,神鸟。……出於东方君子之国,翺翔四海之外……见则天下大安宁。”在凤凰涅槃传说中,每五百年,凤凰就要投身烈火,以生命和美丽的终结换取人世的祥和与幸福。但凤凰也浴火重生,成为辉煌永生的火凤凰,大翼腾飞。因此在中国文化中凤凰也代表着义无反顾,不断追求和提升自我的精神。 德凰国际学校,以中国文化中至真至善至美的凤凰为精神象征的图腾,体现和代表我们尊崇厚德载物,凤凰涅槃的精神,从而实现大翼腾飞的事业追求。

Our Campus

We are currently serving schools in the Conroe, Cypress, Klein, Spring, and Tomball ISDs. Our after-school program is conveniently held at your child’s school campus, so that you can pick your child up from their school at the end of each lesson. More information will be available at registration.

We welcome you to stop by our home campus, conveniently located outside of TX 99 and Champion Forest Drive. Our campus is newly-built, and our warm and friendly environment provides a high-quality Chinese learning experience that includes classes and activities. This location will hold the travel and business Chinese classes for adults and serve as our teacher training facility and an activity center for everyone. Our doors are always open for anyone who wants to begin their journey in Chinese!