Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What is unique about Texas Phoenix International School’s after school Chinese program? How will your classes be delivered?

a. We incorporate well structured language instruction with fun cultural activities such as holiday celebration, handcraft, music and games.
b. Our teachers will be on site and classes will be held at your child’s elementary school.
c. Our curriculum follows national standards in foreign language education by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
d. All TPIS teachers have gone through the school’s training and professional development workshops and are certified by our school.


  1. What will my child be able to do after taking this class?

Our students will be exposed to five to eight topics around their daily life, including greetings, family, friends, festival celebrations, farm animals, numbers and colors and will be able to carry basic daily conversations in Chinese. They will be introduced to 100 – 200 commonly used Chinese characters and also learn traditional Chinese values such as courtesy and respect for others and appreciate cultural diversity.


  1. What is the difference between level Ia and level Ib?

Level Ia is more focused on objects/places and level Ib is more focused on activities/hobbies. Both level Ia and Ib are for beginners with no prior experience in Chinese language and both cover the fundamentals such as greetings, numbers, and family/friends. Level Ia and Ib do not have to be taken sequentially, but the completion of both will set a solid foundation for Chinese language.


  1. What is the difference between level I and level II?

Level I is for beginners with no prior experience in Chinese language while level II is for students who have already completed level Ia and Ib.


  1. Are you teaching Mandarin or Cantonese?

Our classes teach basic Mandarin with simplified characters.


  1. My child already knows a little Chinese. Can I enroll him/her in the after school program?

Yes. Depending on the student’s Chinese language level, he/she will still benefit from our well-rounded and complete curriculum. If your child already has a complete understanding of our lesson plans, we can provide a private tutor to cater to your child’s needs. Repetition and consistent environmental exposure will enhance learning for language speakers of all levels.


  1. Will the class be at my child’s school?



  1. Can we attend a trial class?



  1. I already paid for the class but it was cancelled. Will I get a full refund?

Yes, we will give a full refund if the class is cancelled.


  1. If the after school Chinese class at my child’s school is cancelled, is there an alternative Chinese class outside of my child’s elementary school that they can enroll in?

Yes, please contact our school about how to enroll in a Chinese class at our Texas Phoenix International School’s campus directly.


  1. May I attend the after school Chinese class with my child?

Yes, we encourage parents’ involvement and assistance.


  1. Are private tutoring sessions available?

Yes. TPIS will provide private tutoring depending on the time and location as well as availability of teachers.


  1. Will all the materials in both textbooks be covered in one term?

The textbooks’ content will span over two terms (one year).


  1. Are there any extra materials that we, the parents need to provide for our child?

TPIS will provide the textbook, the cost of which is included in the tuition and fees. Students will only be required to have basic stationery items.


  1. Will there be homework?

Yes, there will be homework.  Our homework will encourage students to engage with their family members in fun and age appropriate activities.


  1. As a parent, what is the best way I can help my child with his/her second language from home?

Research shows that parental involvement is critical for young learners’ achievement and that language skills can only be improved through daily practice.


  1. If I miss classes can I get a prorated refund for the classes that I missed?

No, the tuition and fees are semester based.


  1. Are there any discount promo codes available?

Special promotions will be available on special occasions.


  1. Are there any discounts for siblings?

Yes, please contact us through phone, email, or visit our office for more details.


  1. Are there any summer camp discounts for siblings?

Yes. There is a $10 discount for sibling enrollment in single session enrollment or if you choose to enroll in every session, the $25 registration fee for each student is waived.


  1. How will I get in contact with my child’s Chinese teacher?

Your child’s teacher’s contact information will be made available to both the students and the parents on the first day of school.