TPIS Chinese Education Survey

The survey will take a short of your time to help us know your goal about your children's Chinese education. 您的期望是我们的目标!谢谢您!
  • Your child's age (multiple choices if you have more than one child) 您孩子的年龄 (可多选如果您有多个孩子)

  • Your annual income 请选择您的家庭年收入

  • Your child's school ISD 请选择您孩子所在的学区

  • Category of your child's school请选择您孩子的学校类型

  • How important is Chinese education to your child?您觉得中文学习对您孩子的重要性是多少?

  • What's your child's current Chinese level?您孩子目前的中文水平是?(可多选)

  • How do you want your child to learn Chinese? 您希望孩子如何学习中文?(可多选)

  • Is your Child interested in learning Chinese?您孩子对中文学习的兴趣?

  • What are the difficulties for your child to learn Chinese?您认为您孩子学习中文的阻力是什么?(可多选)

  • What are your expectations for Chinese classes?您对中文课程教育的期待和目标是什么?(可多选)

  • What is your expectation for your child's Chinese level?您对您孩子的中文水平有什么样的期待?(可多选)

  • What time is good for your child to learn Chinese? 您觉得您孩子什么时间段适合您孩子的中文学习?(可多选)

  • How long is appropriate for your child to learn Chinese every week? 您觉得您孩子每周花多长时间学习中文合适?

  • How often is appropriate for your child to learn Chinese every week?您觉得您孩子每周学习中文的频率为多少比较合适?

  • What's the up limit of your budget for your child's Chinese learning every semester?每学期您对您孩子中文学习的花费预算上限为多少?

  • What is the longest distance that you will send your child to Chinese courses? 如果送孩子去上中文课,最远的距离您认为是多少?

  • 非必须题:如果您对我们的中文课程感兴趣,欢迎留下邮箱地址。谢谢!Please leave your email if you are interested in our Chinese courses. Thank you!